Velux Skylight

Perth Velux Skylight Installation

A skylight, when thoughtfully and skilfully installed, allows abundant natural light inside your home and reduces your power and energy bills significantly. When a skylight is installed in your space, it is not just beautiful, but also supremely functional. A skylight roof keeps your home illuminated throughout the day and also allows the sun to shine into through your space, keeping it warm and cosy during colder months.

Velux skylights

Velux skylights are one of the best options for roof skylights in the industry. A great option for anyone looking for an efficient Skylight installation, Velux skylights are specially designed for out-of-reach applications and come in flat roof and pitched roof versions. There’s a Velux skylight for everyone! These popular roof skylights come in a range of sizes and features, and the skylight installation can be made complete with a full assortment of blinds.

The difference the additional daylight and ventilation can make in your home with a Velux skylight is phenomenal. We at Smart Roof recommend Velux skylight installation for both commercial and residential properties. Using the highest quality materials, a Smart Roof Skylight installation lets you enjoy natural light throughout the day and save hundreds and thousands of dollars on energy bills in the long run. It has repeatedly proved that it’s the smart choice for everyone.

Velux fixed skylights are an energy efficient stylish option that cater to a wide variety of spaces and requirements. You may have a small residential space or a large commercial one, Velux Skylights are an extremely agile option, and can prove to be a valuable addition.

Smart Roof can install Velux fixed skylights above your bathroom, hall or any area where you want to enjoy natural light and warmth. Once fitted with a Velux fixed skylight, you will be able to control the amount of light entering your room. Each Velux Skylight come equipped with integrated blinds, thus giving you complete flexibility.

Velux Skylight Perth: Installation Cost

Smart Roof specializes in skylight installations of all types – flat or slanted- as well as top quality maintenance and repairs. We have experience in all kinds of commercial and residential properties, in projects both big and small, straightforward or complex. Smart Roof works within your budget, providing you with a roof skylight that suits your needs, price point and taste.

All Smart Roof skylight installation contractors are certified, insured and adept at what they do. Before starting out, we give you a written quote that includes installation cost and turnaround so that you know when to expect the project completion and what to pay at the end of the day. Contact us to find out more. We’d love to hear from you!